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Ballet makes me feel...

My students completed this prompt in the short dance film they created with me. It was beautiful. I felt like I needed to complete the prompt myself... this is what I came up with.

Ballet makes me feel…

Peaceful, like a light autumn breeze.

Engaged, like a dog waiting for a treat.

Powerful, like a hurricane.

Accepted, like a puppy sleeping with its litter.

Frustrated, like a child who can’t quite reach the cookie jar.

Defeated, like a fallen tree.

Insecure, like a weak wifi signal.

Defiant, like a wildfire.

Calculated, like a panther on a hunt.

Protective, like a mother bear protecting her cubs.

Caring, like a warm hug.

Passionately stubborn, like the human desire to pursue love - even though we risk getting our heart broken over and over - but the slight chance of finding it being enough of a driving force.

I do believe I will always have a complicated relationship with ballet. I love it so much that I want it to be so much better, kinder, and more thoughtful than it is. Sometimes, I want to break up with ballet - and try to hurt it like it has hurt me. But every time I want to, it shows me what it is capable of... and wow. It is stunning. I hope my relationship with ballet continues to evolve as I do, and that I can pass on a (even just slightly) less complicated relationship with ballet to my students.

The more positive feelings people get from ballet, the more that positivity can be passed onto others in the field. That is where healing happens.

I don't know if I am right. But I hope I am.

Photo by Tiffani Torres

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