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As a dancer

As a classically trained dancer with a rebellious attitude, questioning the normities of classical ballet and changing the industry that surrounds it is my life goal. Standing at the barre with a skeptical mind and a body that has never fully “belonged” has caused my work to be a quiet whisper of disobedience in an industry that thrives on obedience. As I grow as a person and artist, and gain more opportunities within dance, I hope that my now quiet whisper can grow into a punk rock level   


As an educator

I believe that dance can be healing, empowering, and intellectually stimulating when taught with care, inclusivity, and passion. By teaching young dancers to approach dance with a high level of technical interest, intellectual and physical understanding, and             deep passion for movement,             students cannot only be                    successful in the field, but can        also be well-equipped                           to handle all areas of life. I                  believe that everyone                           has the right to                                           participate  in high-               quality dance 

                       training, regardless of                            body type, gender,                                   race, or financial                             situation.  

As a scholar

I believe that with a high level of technical, intellectual, and physical dance education,  I can break down well-established trends of sexism, racism, and

unobtainable body ideals… and destroy the longstanding glorification of the dumb, pretty, white, waifish, young ballerina. Change is sparked by leading by example, so to encourage intelligent dancers, I myself must be a constant scholar of the arts: advocating for diversity within my own classrooms, and never being complacent to the status-quo.

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